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Friday, September 30, 2005


As I write this, I'm in Wales, and I know it won't get posted for a few days (when I get Internet in Oxford), but this is my summary of things on the 29th (Thursday) in London.

First things first. I'm dumb. Last night when I took the wrong turn out of the station I don't normally use... That was because they said, "Please note the train does not stop at the next station." Well, that's a stupid way to say it. The next station is under construction, so everybody knows it doesn't stop there... Therefore, I wasn't counting it.

So I left Buckingham Palace and walked around a bit. I ended up walking quite a ways to find a Tube station, but I eventually found one and went to the British Museum. It was good... I glanced at most everything.

They have the Rosetta stone there, which was pretty cool. I took a picture, but it didn't turn out the best, as the rock is reflective and there are lights from the rear, so you mostly see my outline on a rock.

There was a really unique exhibit there about medication. It was called "Cradle to Grave". They have a big (probably 40 feet long by 6 feet wide) cloth that has pills sewn into it. There are pills for two different people, a man and a woman. The number of pills for each is like 11,600 or so, which is apparently the average number of pills someone in the UK takes in their lifetime. Along the sides of the cloth are pictures and other small things from the life of each of the two
people. The pills on each side vary between the man and the woman. The woman had cancer (and survived with the treatment) as a young adult, so there were those pills for her. The man had heart disease later in life, so he has the corresponding pills for that. It really makes one think.

After I left there, I ate at a Subway. First American fast food since I left. I wanted to find somewhere else, but it was right there and I was really really hungry.

So, then I came back, went to the cell phone store again (having went first thing before I went exploring). They called the Mobile World people and they said they had problems the day before (when I got my phone), and it wasn't activated. So, the guy said he'd activate it

On my way back to the hotel, I ate at a pizza place. It was good, though I was disappointed that there was no red pepper stuff there to put on the pizza. It seems England might be really light on spicy food. (See comment in my posting about Bath.) I had another J2O Orange/Passion Fruit soft drink. I had one last night at the theater. (Some of us ate before the show. I had a sub then.)

I took a bunch of pictures. They're available here.

I had to change trains a number of times, so I have the Tube process figured out for sure.


  • Hi Richard and hows it going.

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  • I like the pictures.

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  • We are having trouble with math.

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  • I'm in 6th grade.

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