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Monday, September 26, 2005

British Words of the Day

Just some words I noticed so far...

"bin" - The trash. - A mother said to her toddler in the Minneapolis airport, "Put that in the bin."

"queue" - A line. - I stood in a "taxi queue" at the train station.

"lorry" - A truck. - On my way from the IFSA-Butler (the study abroad company) office to the hotel, the taxi driver said, "I'll just park behind this lorry."

"call box" - Pay phone. - When I checked in, another student was there and they told her that her name was not on the list. She asked if they had a phone she could use to call the IFSA-Butler office and the guy said, "You can use the call box."

"lift" - An elevator. - The lift at my hotel is incredibly small and slow.


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