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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bath and Wales

Today was the first day in Wales. On the way, we stopped at Bath, a city named and famous for its Roman Baths. Due to heavy traffic, the bus didn't get there as soon as we would have liked, and thus by the time we ate, we didn't have time to actually see the Roman Baths from the inside. I have a few pictures, which I will post. They are available here.

Wales is interesting. You can tell when you've reached Wales as all the street signs start having everything in both English and Welsh. Welsh looks odd, as it uses a lot of letters like y, w, d, etc.

I took a couple random pictures along the way. They're available here.

My host family consists of a woman named Gill, her husband Roy, and their daughter Camille (17, who hopes to study the classics at Oxford). The family has two older boys who are already moved out. One is a lawyer practicing business law and traveling all around the world. The other is a DJ near here.

They were nice. We got here, moved our stuff in, chatted for a while, and ate dinner. After dinner, we chatted some more while one of the students took a shower. Then, we went out to the local pub where all the American students were hanging out.

It sounds like the other students have nice host families as well. This one kid brought his bike, which I (like everyone) assumed was just a bike for him to ride in Oxford. As it turns out, it's his racing bike that he's going to use at Oxford to compete.

The bike caused some hassle as the local rep didn't communicate this information with his host family, and so it wouldn't fit in their car. He was irritated with someone (the local rep, I believe), who was hassling him about it. But, it got sorted out, and so everything should be fine.

It sounds like we have a full day tomorrow, so that should be


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