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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yay for Routines

I think I have most of my routine figured out. I still haven't gone to a tutorial or a practical, (they start next week), but almost everything is scheduled now. I've been to two of my three classes' lectures.

I seem to have caught a cold. I don't like it, but I'll survive. At least I've been eating well and sleeping lots, so I should get over it fairly quickly. Go lots of liquids! :) Anyway, that brings me to my next point...

I love the warning on the cough drops I bought today. It says "Do not exceed the maximum dose in any 24 hours." The maximum "dose" for adults is 4 packs... 4 PACKS!

As it turns out, Oxford still has dumb kids. They like to try to make themselves look by pointing out something they read, while we're having a lecture. Or, they ask the teacher to repeat a basic concept. Or, ask a question that totally indicates they didn't read the chapter beforehand. Not a question like, "I read this in the book as well, and I don't understand XYZ, can you elaborate?" It makes me a little sad inside.

In other random news, they have formal dinners here on Wednesday nights. You have to sign up by Monday morning, so I didn't make it for this one. So, I went to attend the regular dinner, which is held at approximately the normal time (just a little earlier), before the formal dinner. The dining hall was pretty packed tonight, since half of it was reserved for the formal dinner. They were setting the places with all the fancy cutlery and such. I sat down next to some people I didn't know and thought I'd get to meet some more British students. Nope! The kid I sat next to turned out to be from Minnesota as well. What are the odds? He's an actual student here, not a visiting student, so it counted somewhat.

Oh, and most importantly: I figured out how to operate the electric shower. It turns out there is a heavy-duty (but unlabeled) switch on the outside of the bathroom, near the door. You have to turn that on before power flows to the electric shower. Then, its controls work.


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