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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Okay, so it's impossible to get the right temperature shower for more than two days in a row. First, it was no warmer than room temperature water. I got a decent shower two days in a row. Now today, it was too hot. Today, the cold water tap was HOT -- not warm, HOT. And the HOT water tap was scalding! I set it as cold as I could, and it was too hot to even use on my legs.

There's an electric shower (it's a box on the wall of the shower instead of a normal dial... it takes cold water in and has a heating element inside to heat the water) on this floor, but I can't figure out how it operates. Granted, it must work, because people have left shower stuff (shampoo, soap) in there. I'll have to figure it out. Otherwise, it's really a trial-and-error process trying multiple showers on multiple floors until you get one that works.


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