Jolly Old England

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner

Random pictures from the dinner today are available here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My how time flies...

So, I'm getting pretty close to coming home. On that note, Sal figured it was key I check out New College. He's a big fan. So we went there today. I took some pictures.

As usual, pictures are available here.

701 - Famous statues at New College.
702 - Outside New College's Chapel... apparently, these places have a name and it starts with a C, but I don't know what it is.
703 - Apparently some scene in Harry Potter is filmed here. The tree looked interesting.
704 - Lots of statues over the altar
705 - A picture of the huge organ in the chapel, blurred... I kept it because it looks crazy weird the way it blurred.
706 - A good picture of the organ.
708 - Apparently, not all of the stained glass windows are "stained". Many are "painted".
709 - New College Dining Hall
710 - New College Dining Hall
711 - New College Dining Hall
713 - A fancy gate. This looks a lot like the palace gates at Buckingham Palace, just not quite as ornate.
714 - The Teddy Hall library (the Church of St. Peter in the East) from the other side.
715 - New College has a medival wall around a lot of it.
716 - Near the wall at New College
717 - ... And yet, outside the wall, there is this lovely sixties-looking building.
718 - ... with a weird statue.
719 - The painting on the wall in Teddy Hall.
720 - Our lovely wall hangings.
721 - Annie totally grabbed my camera to play with it and took a picture of Sarah.
722 - I got a picture of Sal. He was waving his hand, so it looks like he has a blob on the end of his arm.