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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My how time flies...

So, I'm getting pretty close to coming home. On that note, Sal figured it was key I check out New College. He's a big fan. So we went there today. I took some pictures.

As usual, pictures are available here.

701 - Famous statues at New College.
702 - Outside New College's Chapel... apparently, these places have a name and it starts with a C, but I don't know what it is.
703 - Apparently some scene in Harry Potter is filmed here. The tree looked interesting.
704 - Lots of statues over the altar
705 - A picture of the huge organ in the chapel, blurred... I kept it because it looks crazy weird the way it blurred.
706 - A good picture of the organ.
708 - Apparently, not all of the stained glass windows are "stained". Many are "painted".
709 - New College Dining Hall
710 - New College Dining Hall
711 - New College Dining Hall
713 - A fancy gate. This looks a lot like the palace gates at Buckingham Palace, just not quite as ornate.
714 - The Teddy Hall library (the Church of St. Peter in the East) from the other side.
715 - New College has a medival wall around a lot of it.
716 - Near the wall at New College
717 - ... And yet, outside the wall, there is this lovely sixties-looking building.
718 - ... with a weird statue.
719 - The painting on the wall in Teddy Hall.
720 - Our lovely wall hangings.
721 - Annie totally grabbed my camera to play with it and took a picture of Sarah.
722 - I got a picture of Sal. He was waving his hand, so it looks like he has a blob on the end of his arm.


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