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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Random Pictures

I took a few random pictures on the way to college yesterday. Basically, they are:

821 - The engineering building, where the computer lab is on the 6th floor.
822 - The construction!
823, 824 - My department.
825 - A cool looking building of some sort across the street from my department.

The rest of the pictures are in the crypt at St. Edmund Hall. I really expected there to be plaques at least, as I had seen in crypts of other places, such as St. Paul's Cathedral. It was really quite empty. But, I'm glad that Annie and I toured it, or we would've forever wondered what was down there. Getting in was funny... You have to get the key from the porter. The conversation went like this:

Annie: "Someone said if we asked you, we could get shown the crypt..."
Me (thinking): "No, not 'get shown', 'see'. I hope he doesn't get confused and think we want him to give us a tour."
Head Porter: "Where are you from?"
Annie, immediately: "California!"
Head Porter: "Sorry, that was my fault. Are you a member of the college?"
Us: "Yes"
...We tell him we're from Norham Gardens....
Head Porter: "What's the name of the guy there?"
Annie said later she thought he was asking who I was.
I was totally confused, and said, "The Sub-Dean?"
We both figured he was like quizzing us or something to see if we were from the college. As it would turn out, some guy lost a mobile phone up in Norham Gardens and it was found or something.

But yeah, "'Where are you from?' 'California!'" was funny, even Annie admits.

Anyway, the pictures are available here.

I'm just leaving... I'm going to hop a bus to Gatwick, then I fly to Detroit. After that, I fly to Minneapolis, then to Thief River Falls via Bemidji. It's going to be a long day of travel. I'll be back in less than 24 hours though!


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